Sharing the Journey to Language Revitalization

Name: Yaraan Bundle, Smoking Ceremony

Language Custodian and Teacher

Gunditjmara and Yuin

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Our courses aim to foster interest, curiosity and most importantly, open a safe space where you decide the scope and pace of your personal journey towards language revitalization. We strongly believe that our languages will help us to heal, further connect and bring back our heritage as a living practice This e-learning platform is intended to expand our conversation and connection to our mother tongues and to encourage and envision a better future for those yet to come.

VACL’s publishing resources are located at ngarrwa, VACL’s online library. Some can be accessed free of charge and some others need to send a request for access.

Yarning and Sharing

This space is created to yarn and connect with each other in a respectful, casual manner. All are welcome to talk and express your ideas. We love to keep connections dynamic and our Elders and Instructors will be interacting with you whenever possible.


VACL uses Indigenous methodologies for sharing, yarning, weaving and researching our ways of knowing and being. Our focus is relational where everyone is involved, our environment and all living creatures play a part in our learning.

Courses Fees

This applies to tailored courses for non-Aboriginal/Indigenous learners. Please contact us to access your course and/or make enquiries about available courses.